DCC’15 Update, 22 Days To Go!


(Not the Marvel thing. That’s totally copyrighted. Not everything has to be an event, you know.)

We’re down to it, guys. May 1st is the purchase cut-off if you WANT YOUR BADGES MAILED to you. After May 1st, you can still buy them, but you’ll have to pick them up onsite, which is one more line to stand in, and your feet will be plenty sore – trust us. So buy those tickets NOW!

Badges will be mailed out two weeks before the event. This is the actual DCC’15 badge and not the printed ticket like last year.

Please note that we do not hold back tickets for onsite (Convention Center) sales—all tickets get sold up front, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Speaking of goners, three-day tickets are no longer available, with Saturday tickets not too far behind. Why Saturday? Not only because it’s the first full day of Denver Comic Con but there’s tons of awesome stuff happening that day, like the Animaniacs Reunion and the Weird Science Reunion with Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith and other special guests.

What do we have to do already? We have a Hobbit and The Governor and two Companions and The Dread Pirate Roberts. Oh, and a Hulk and a Bionic Woman for Pete’s sake. Plus we have that person from that thing you know and creators like Max Brooks and Garth Ennis and Becky Cloonan and Tim Sale and the Cosplay Shindig and a wedding! Whew! We’re out of breath and didn’t name even half of it. It’s the greatest pop culture event on Planet Earth (except for maybe that thing in San Diego and all that cool stuff that happened at Star Wars Celebration, which was pretty sweet, too).

So do the right thing and purchase your tickets before May 1st and you can walk right into Denver Comic Con with all the other con-savvy people who purchased their tickets in advance. Be awesome. Buy tickets today, and rock that cosplay like a boss! (Or whatever your thing is.)


Hugs and kisses,

Denver Comic Con 2015!