Announcing PCC’s 2015 Kids Comics Contest Winners!

We want to first thank everyone who submitted to PCC’s first-ever Kids Comics Contest this year! We were thrilled by the response, with comics submitted on everything from Bigfoot to climate change, and we can’t wait to continue building on the contest’s success for Denver Comic Con 2016. Yay comics!

After reading, admiring, and being inspired by the work by artists of all ages and from across the nation, we’re excited to announce our 2015 Kids Comics Contest WINNERS are:

Winner#1: Drew Arnold

Drew Arnold_Winner3_Page_1
Winner #2: Amanda Schroeder

Amanda is a sophomore in high school working towards a career in art.


Winner #3: Marin Stumpf

Marin is a Broadway nerd, growing up with influences from geek culture such as Marvel, Star Wars, and much more. She spends her time watching Disney movies and drawing her favorite barricade boys.

Marin Stumpf_Winner1_p.1

Along with their artistic talents, each of these young artists showed incredible creativity and self-expression in their submissions—revealing just how powerful and diverse comics can be. We are delighted to reward their hard work and ingenuity at DCC 2015 and beyond!

In addition to a pair of 3-day passes to Denver Comic Con 2015, these 3 lucky winners will have samples of their comics prominently featured in the official DCC 2015 souvenir

program, where they’ll be admired by tens of thousands of Con attendees. Winners will also have complete versions of their work displayed on the PCC website. Plus, during the Con weekend, winners will attend a special meet-and-greet session with a professional kids comic artist.

Please join us in congratulating these talented winners, and keep an eye out for their work at DCC 2015 and on in the near future.


  1. I am a Spanish teacher ,and having the honor of enjoying the opportunity to read about these students assures me ,that Comics will be with us and next generations for ever.I learned to read by means of comics .I grew up reading comics and most of my personality, my moral formation, and my ability to distinguish right from wrong came from what I read on comics. Drew, you comic strip took me way back to when I was 12 years old;the perfection of the human body which is so difficult to draw the format of a comic of those years and,all the details drawn so perfect..Marin, your poetic anime is so romantic and refreshes the soul. Amanda, yours wakes up minds and the colors are a harmony,and a feast to the eyes of the reader.I am so proud of all of you .Thank you for all you are doing now ,and for what is coming from your hands and minds is already blessed!