DCC’15 Update, 14 Days To Go!

You wanted the best, you got the best!

(Wait, that’s KISS. We meant “badges.” Not “best.” It’s totally “badges.”)

Guys, we have 14 days to go until Denver Comic Con and things are kicking into high gear around here. We have some important announcements to make sure everything is awesome this year, so let’s all synchronize our watches and let’s make a game plan.

First of all, we know you have all been waiting “patiently” (not) for your DCC 2015 badges. Badge mailing will start on Monday, May 11. You may all squee quietly for the next thirty seconds, and then we need to move on to more updates.

If you have not bought your tickets, BUY YOUR TICKETS ALREADY. Three-day passes for adults and children are gone, as well as speed passes. Tickets are still available for Saturday, Sunday and Monday but there will be little to no warning when they disappear. No ticket? That’s totally on you, dude.

Second of all, keep a close eye on the DCC website starting next week. We have lots of important bulletins coming and programming information is hurtling towards us every day between now and Con. As you know, Denver Comic Con has one of the largest and most diverse programming schedules in the country, so you’ll want to make a plan so you can see as much cool stuff as you can.

It’s also worth taking a second look at our Con Rules, Cosplay Rules, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and information for Children and ADA Guests. Please remember that these guidelines are designed to protect you and all other guests and generally regulate funkiness around this here Con.

Con survival preppers are also advised to subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter feeds and subscribe to our newsletter so you can get the latest and greatest news and information on schedule changes, etc. as they happen. We’re also going to be using the iOS and Android app Guidebook again this year to provide real-time updates, so it’s worth your while to download last year’s app and learn how it works. You’ll also want to look at our special events and areas like the DCC E.D.G.E. Gaming and Development area, our Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, the Cosplay Shindig, and all of our other Special Events.

We also encourage you to watch our survival videos, like this one on Interacting with Cosplayers. And for our sake, everyone is required to watch this instructive video on Con Funk. We have to ride in those elevators, guys. Like, all day long, for a week. No one wants to smell that. Seriously.

If you have gotten to the end of this blog post, congratulations! You are a smart and attentive guest who makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. As your reward for being awesome, we’ll tell you a secret: guest announcements are not over yet. A super-secret special surprise guest is being announced tomorrow! Keep an eye on the web page and our social media to find out who it is!

(Actually, I will, too, because it’s so secret that they didn’t tell the volunteer who’s writing this stuff for you guys. See what we put up with around here? Jeez.)

Stay tuned, true believers, and we’ll see you at Denver Comic Con in just two weeks!


  1. The site said that we should have our tickets by two weeks out from the event. Are you saying they haven’t been mailed yet? I’m just nervously curious. I’m leaving from Pennsylvania on May 20th to head to Colorado.
    The big question is, will they be here in time? And if not, what is my, and anyone else in the same situation’s other alternative?