Live from DCC’15: Stars & More in the PCC Kids’ Lab Sunday

Alan Tudyk Kids LabThere’s more fun to be had today in the Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Laboratory at Denver Comic Con this weekend. It’s another awesome day and we just had a visit from another fantastic celebrity guest, Alan Tudyk! Alan graciously stopped by at mid-day to read The Book with No Pictures by film and television star B.J. Novak. The actor used his fantastic acting, comic timing and talent for voice-over and cartoon work to bring the funny to hordes of kids and parents.

Alan of course is famous for his role as Hoban “Wash” Washburne in the cult television series Firefly as well as star turns in A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and more recently 42. Kids and adults alike recognized his voice talents today from his recent voice performance as King Candy in the Disney hit Wreck-It-Ralph and the Marvel/Disney collaboration Big Hero 6, where Tudyk played the villain Alistair Krei. ,

This year, fun and learning are on full display in the Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab, where heroes of all ages are learning about art, reading, game development and design, and more.

This year, the Kids’ Laboratory features lots of special areas including:

An all ages craft area, where students learn about subjects like chemistry, math and aerodynamics with Galaxy Goo, DIY crafts and more.

The teen craft area, where older kids can explore advanced model building, stop-motion animation, and explore their enthusiasm for engineering, art and media.

Barry Allen’s Forensics Lab, where kids are donning their detective hats to figure out which supervillain stole the cakes from the Blue Bear Café!

The 8-Bit Lounge, where kids can learn about making their own video games, talk with real writers and artists from the comic book world, and learn how real-world creators are making some of the most popular shows on television.

You never know who’s going to show up in the Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab. Later today, voice actor Brian Cummings will bring his comedic voice-over talents to the 8-Bit Lounge, sharing with kids the secret to voicing roles in cartoons, video games and more.

Be sure and make time to visit the Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab this weekend for more great surprises!