DCC’15 Thank you, Umbrella Corp Denver!

Denver Comic Con and Pop Culture Classroom are very pleased and excited to announce and acknowledge that Umbrella Corp Denver (https://www.facebook.com/umbrellacorp.denver) donated proceeds of their booth at the convention this weekend to Pop Culture Classroom. They, through convention attendees, raised $1185.

It was very humbling to count out the huge bag of money they brought to us to be counted at the end of the convention. As I sorted through the dollar bills, quarters, nickels, dimes and even pennies, I could just imagine the thoughtfulness and pride that each bill or coin represented. I had visions of the people standing in line, waiting to be photographed in Umbrella Corp’s zombie containment cage and handing over their crumpled dollars and all of the change in their pockets, knowing it was going to support PCC’s literacy programming.

Umbrella Corp members work tirelessly throughout the con, manning their booth, showing their amazing costuming and attention to detail – all for the benefit of Pop Culture Classroom. I salute their many hours of dedication and am proud and honored to know that this organization is out there, raising money through the pop culture media they love. Thank you!

Linda Weygant
Pop Culture Classroom