DCC’16 Stan Lee VIP Packages

Stan Lee’s VIP PACKAGES  and autographs are ON SALE NOW.  Regular photo-ops will go on sale at a later point.  All the information you will need to know before making a purchase is listed below, so please read carefully.

Stan Lee VIP Packages

Stan Lee will be offering VIP LEVEL PACKAGES that are good for ONE DAY ONLY, meaning that you get one day of VIP benefits listed below. VIP benefits will be fulfilled at Stan’s booth in Celebrity Summit for the day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) applicable.

$375, plus other fees, includes:

  • 1 t-shirt
  • 2 randomly selected comic book variants from the Stan Lee Collection
  • 1 lithograph, autographed
  • 1 regular autograph ticket
  • 1 regular photo op ticket
  • A copy of “It’s All About the Love: The Stan Lee Family”
  • VIP access to Stan’s autograph line, 10-11 a.m. for that day only
  • Everyone who purchases a Stan Lee VIP ticket will be entered into a drawing for a special meet and greet with Stan Lee (10 names drawn daily with the meet and greet time TBA)

Please remember…

  • Stan Lee VIP Packages are NOT to be confused with regular Denver Comic Con 2016 tickets; a regular DCC’16 badge (valid for that day) is still required to enter the Denver Comic Con.
  • Stan Lee VIPs Packages are completely separate from the Denver Comic Con Speed Pass.
  • Autograph purchases are nonrefundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable, unless the guest cancels. * Problems or questions? Write to us at ticketing@popcultureclassroom.org.


VIP Packages are purchased on site at the Stan Lee Booth in Celebrity Summit


Single Stan Lee Autograph

Autograph: $100  – Purchased on site at the Stan Lee Booth in Celebrity Summit

Single Stan Lee Photograph

Photograph: $100 (Provided by Epic Photo Ops) – these will go on sale at a later time



  1. I have a family of 4 (2 children, 2 adults), what will it cost for all 4 of us to get a photo taken with Stan Lee?

  2. So, on the litho, comics, etc. Do those come signed? Or would we have to spend an additional $100 to get signatures on them?

  3. Will there be CGC people there to bear witness to my comic being signed? If not, it kind of makes it useless…

    • The last two years, I have found CGC people on the con floor who would come with me to artist and guest tables to witness the signings and take possession of the book for grading, etc. I received my signed and graded books about a month later.

  4. Is this pass like the DCC gen admission pass, as in children with adults don’t need their own pass or do they a VIP pass for them?

  5. Why can’t I buy the signed pics? The page keeps telling me I haven’t selected any products.

    • Stan Lee VIP packages are now purchased on site. Please see Stan Lee’s Representatives at his booth in the corner of Celebrity Summit.