19 Bone-Chilling All Ages and YA Comics for Your Halloween!

Are you on the hunt for spine-tingling and hair-raising graphic novels to read at home or bring into the classroom this Halloween? Have no fear! Pop Culture Classroom has you covered.

From graphic adaptations of classics like Frankenstein and Dracula to original works of frightful delight published in the last 5 years, the list below includes 19 all-ages/YA graphic novels and comics out there that will engage your younger readers while still offering them the thrills, chills and the occasional gasps we all love this time of year.

Check out the selections below, which are sorted between all-ages and teen & up, and leave your own suggestions for your favorite Halloween comics/graphic novels in the comments!


All-Ages Friendly Halloween Comics

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein

A modern take on a classic horror tale, this adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein uses amazing art to draw younger readers into the text and introduce them to one of the first true monsters of modern literature. Appropriate for grades 4 and up.


I Luv Halloween

I Luv Halloween is a perfect Halloween primer for tour young adult readers. A horror-comedy with a manga twist, this three-volume novel follows a group of trick-or-treating (and occasional homicidal) children through a series of mishaps on Halloween night.


Scooby Doo: A Haunted Halloween

This Scooby Doo tale, published in 2011, brings the gang back together to solve a spooky Halloween mystery. A perfect option for your very young or easily scared kiddos!


BabyMouse #9: Monster Mash

Full of humor and sass, this 9th addition to the award-winning Babymouse collection is a great Halloween treat for all ages. In this issue, Babymouse is faced with a frightening dilemma: What will she wear to the Halloween party? And are monsters real?


Johnny Boo

Aimed at grades K-2, Johnny Boo tells the delightful tale of “the best little ghost in the whole world.” He races, yells “BOO” loudly, has a pet ghost named Squiggle, goes on adventures, and even fights a burp-inducing Ice Cream Monster!


P.T.A. Night

P.T.A Night is a great all-ages comic that parents will also enjoy, featuring no written text and double-page illustrations. It tells the tale of Austintown Middle School on the eve of a monthly P.T.A meeting. But thanks to a full moon, things don’t go exactly as planned…


Trick or Treat: A Peanuts Halloween

Though not a traditional graphic novel, this compilation of over 100 of Peanuts Halloween strips is a great way to get kids of all ages reading. As a bonus, the book includes Halloween tips for costumes, parties, and snacks to try out.


Courtney Crumrin

Courtney Crumrin is an average misunderstood young girl… until her family moves in with her creepy Great Uncle Aloysius and she discovers she can do magic! A coming-of-age story full of spells and monsters, the Courtney Crumrin series is a dark fantasy young readers will love.


Teen and Up Halloween Comics

Afterlife With Archie

A departure from your more tame Archie storylines, this horror-themed Archie comic pits the characters from Riverdale against zombies in a battle to save the world. What more could you need?


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Another instant classic in the new “Archie Horror” comic line, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gives everyone’s favorite 90s witch, Sabrina Spellman, a modern edgy feel despite its 1960s setting. Full of creepy characters with dark agendas, this graphic novel is great for teens and up.


Spell on Wheels

In Spell on Wheels, 3 young witches lose their magical belongings and set out on a cross-country road trip to find the culprit. This comic has been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and offers up a great read for teens and up.


The Lost Boy

Intended for grades 6 and up, The Lost Boy is a familiar spooky tale: A boy moves to a new town, discovers a hidden mystery, and works to solve it before time runs out.


The Complete Dracula

Recommend for teen and up readers, The Complete Dracula faithfully adapts Bram Stoker’s classic horror tale to bring this timeless (literally!) character to life in an “odyssey of life, death and the blood that flows within us all.”



This graphic anthology of Edgar Allen Poe’s Short Stories, featuring classroom staples like The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart, puts a new spin on Poe’s classic and terrifying tales.


The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

An epic and often horror-inducing tale, The Sandman is a marvelous graphic novel following Morpheus, the Lord of Dreaming, as he travels through lands both real and imagined. Be warned, though: This graphic novel is appropriate for teens and up, and contains scenes of violence and sexual content.


Batman: The Long Halloween

This timeless Batman tale is often cited as one of the best Batman storylines of all time, showing the early origins of Batman’s crime-fighting ways and supervillains. Full of Halloween goodies and a dark noir feel, it is even credited for inspiring Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.



Wytches is as horrifying as horror comics come. A family with a dark past, evil children, murderous creatures, and even a coven of witches that live underground… you get the general idea. Violence and bloodshed abound in this bone-chilling, exquisitely drawn graphic novel sure to leave you looking over your shoulder for a few days.


Locke and Key

Set in non-chronological order and featuring a wide array of characters and menacing locales, Locke & Key is the kind of spooky, graphic novel to get lost in – at your own peril.


Through the Woods

Why have one scary story when you can have five? That’s the idea behind Through the Woods, a collection of “hauntingly beautiful” graphic horror tales akin to the Halloween favorite, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Appropriate for ages 12 and up.

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