Professional Development

Our one-of-a-kind professional development opportunities provide educators from across Colorado the opportunity to share ideas, build critical partnerships and learn from leaders in the field of pop culture education.

Designed and administered by educators at Pop Culture Classroom, these opportunities give participants the chance to:

  • PARTICIPATE in both theoretical and/or methods-based panels during the Denver Comic Con weekend.
  • LEARN how to leverage this ubiquitous form of cultural expression to further their craft as educators.
  • DISCUSS how popular culture resources, events and expressions can be successfully integrated them into lesson plans for their particular classroom.
  • DEVELOP the ability to integrate pop culture into regular education, allowing them to combine relationship development with content education.

Currently, Pop Culture Classroom’s professional development opportunities include:

Educators Day

Since 2013, Pop Culture Classroom has invited educators to attend Denver Comic Con for a free day of educational sessions and pop culture activities that teach them the benefits of using pop culture in the classroom. Our goal with Educator’s Day is to provide teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators the chance to learn about how they can improve their craft using the tools of pop culture.

ED 589: Enhancing Education Through Pop Culture

Offered through Adams State University as a 0.5 graduate credit, ED 589 is a 3-day professional development course offered exclusively at Denver Comic Con. 

Page 23 Literary Conference

The standard length of a comic book is 22 pages. But what comes next? Page 23! Through Page 23’s annual LitCon (formally ROMOCOCO), which takes place over DCC weekend, scholars establish comic books and graphic novels as important canonical texts that echo far beyond their final panels. All sessions are open to the general public, so everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.