Pop Culture Classroom Testimonials


“The presence of comics in a junior high school library resulted in a dramatic 82% increase in library traffic and a 30% increase in circulation of non-comic books.”
Dorrell & Carroll
School Library Journal

“A great program to express your creativeness”… “Teaches you a lot about comics and story writing”…“It was really fun making a story that can actually relate to your life.”
Storytelling Through Comics Students
Colorado Elementary Schools

“Pop Culture Classroom has created the perfect way to show [parents, students, teachers, and the public] that Comic Books and Graphic Novels are true literary art forms. And the innovative way they have come up with for teaching kids… this program can change everything!”
Christopher Sandoval
Youth Coordinator, Skinner Middle School
Denver Public Schools

“Results from the evaluation of the STC pilot for fall of 2014 show a clear impact on student literacy skills as well as interest and engagement in comics, art, and pop culture.”
Outcomes Inc.
Storytelling Through Comics Pilot
Program Evaluation

“The curriculum is very user friendly and my teacher-volunteers were impressed at how easily they were able to figure it out and pass the knowledge along to the kids. The kids had a great time creating their characters and learning about comic book writing/drawing.”
Jessica Carter
Youth Services Librarian
West Custer County Library

“It was so much fun working with PCC!….I couldn’t have been more impressed with how much work students had done for their comics. About 85/90% of students were super engaged and excited about what they were doing, and many students were thrilled to share their work and ideas. I loved it!”
Jenny Hekkers
Program Coordinator & Teacher
Denver Writes

“I enjoyed working with PCC and appreciated that they were willing to adapt their classrooms to meet the needs of our students.”
Brittnee Merritt
Family and Community Engagement Specialist
Fairview Elementary School

“Can’t wait to engage my middle school readers with reading AND writing comic books. Thanks for your many resources and organized presentation. Drawing and activities were fun and engaging to us!”
PCC Professional Development Panel
Innovative Education Conference 2015