Denver Comic Con encourages attendees to show of their enthusiasm for all things pop culture by dressing for the occasion! Awesome cosplay (costumes + play) really does add to the atmosphere. So, join the cosplay craze and dress up as your favorite superhero or character from video games, TV, movies or anime. Of course, there’s also the option of mashing them all up into your own creation, too. It’s all up to you! 

If you’re more serious about your cosplay, we also have the annual Cosplay Shindig. This world-class contest features the creative talents of both local and national cosplayers. In fact it’s so popular, that when sign ups open the available spots usually fill up in just 15 minutes!  We also have the Cosplay Catwalk, which is Denver Comic Con’s non-competitive portion of the Cosplay Shindig. It takes place after all competitive entries have finished and while judges are making their final deliberations. Think of it as our own version of the Super-Bowl Half Time Show (but much, much nerdier).

As DCC gets closer, we also offer times for scheduled fandom cosplay photo meet-ups that allow you to meet and hang out with fellow fans and cosplayers.

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At Denver Comic Con, we take any type of harassment very seriously. We want all of our attendees to feel safe at all times. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, find a volunteer and report the issue. We are here to help!

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