Countdown to the Con!
Doggie Cosplay Contest

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 1st ever doggie cosplay contest with Denver Comic Con! Please read through the following information and rules before submitting your entry. 

The Basics:
Who: Denver Comic Con
What: Doggie Cosplay contest
When: 7:30pm-8:30pm June 22nd, 2017
Where: The Watering Bowl 5411 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO
Why: Because dogs are awesome! 
HOW TO ENTER:  Please fill out the following form to officially enter the cosplay contest.  Entrants must fill out a registration form with name, contact information and a description of your dog and the costume clearly written if you would like the MC to announce your dog. On the day of the contest, please arrive to the event by 7pm and register with Beverly Warner at the Denver Comic Con table.  Be sure to sign the registration form.  Entrants will be given a participant number, which must be worn so that it is visible to the judges. Entrants must gather at the Denver Comic Con table at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the costume contest.
JUDGING:  All entries will be judged by Denver Comic Con staff  based on the following criteria: Originality (25%); Creativity (50%); and Craftsmanship (25%). If the dog’s “walker” is in costume as well, any points for creativity will be added as bonus points to the judge’s discretion.  In the event of a tie, an additional “tie-breaker” judge will determine the Winner from among all such tied entries using the judging criteria above. 
PRIZES The top four dogs will receive prizes.  1st Prize: A Kong gift basket  2nd Prize: A $100 gift card for boarding or daycare provided by Club Pet Resorts. 3rd Prize:  A dog gift “woof basket” provided by Vanity Fur. 4th Place:  A $15 gift certificate to Mouthfuls Pet Supply plus one pound of treats from the famous bone bar. The prize is awarded without warranty, express or implied, of any kind.
RULES: Dogs must be leashed at all times.  One person is allowed to participate as a “group costume” with their dog, but each dog must have a human walker.  Dogs must be registered and up to date on their vaccinations. The safety of all animals at the event is the responsibility of their owners.  Dog owners will be responsible for any damage or harm caused to property, people, or other animals due to their own actions or the actions of their dogs. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs, bags will be provided.  No aggressive dogs or dogs in heat. Costumes must be comfortable and safe for the dogs. The judges’ decisions are final.
In applying for this contest I hereby release and discharge Denver Comic Con and any Doggie Cosplay Contest event sponsor from any and all liability for injury or death of any person or pet participating in the Doggie Cosplay Contest. As an owner of the pet listed above, I take full responsibility for the actions of the above pet. As the undersigned I have read and understood the rules and information regarding the Doggie Cosplay Contest and the contents for this disclaimer releasing Denver Comic Con and other sponsors of any and all liability due to accident, injury or death of a Doggie Cosplay Contest participant. 

Canine Cosplay

  • Like what‘s their favorite food? Or a short funny story. Or a weird habit they have. (this will be read during the contest)