Full List of Approved DCC’17 Education Panels

DCC’17 Education Panels List

A comprehensive list of all the educational panels we offer at DCC ’17, their start/end times, location, and also a code for easily tracking which panels you attended.

DCC’17 Education Panel Tracks

If you know the educational panels are what you’re interested in, but don’t know which ones to attend or simply want an easy list to follow along, we’ve created a list of tracks in seven different categories, so that you can attend panels based upon your specific interests in education. The tracks feature panels in chronological order for each day of the Con, their location, and codes to easily track your attendance.

DCC’17 Panel Tracking Sheet

This sheet will help you easily organize which educational panels you attended to help keep everything neat and organized.

For easy access to these panels leading up to and during the event, we encourage you to download the all-new Denver Comic Con Mobile App.

Please keep in mind that we offer ALL educators the chance to receive a certificate for panel hours attended at DCC. All you need to do is send a scanned version of your completed Panel Tracking Sheet into by July 7th, 2017.

We will send you a certificate that you can provide to your schools and/or program for recertification/professional development hours.