Cosplay Catwalk

What is the Cosplay Catwalk?

The Cosplay Catwalk is Denver Comic Con’s Non-Competitive portion of the Cosplay Shindig. It will take place as part of the Shindig, after all competitive entries have finished and while judges are making their final deliberations. Think of it as our own version of the Super-Bowl Half Time Show (but much, much nerdier).



  • You must register for the Cosplay Catwalk. (Online or On-Site)
  • If you have registered online you will need to check-in at the Cosplay Track Table, outside of room 501, where you will get further instructions about the green room.
  • You must follow Hall Cosplay Rules and Shindig Stage Rules.



How do I register for the Cosplay Catwalk?

  • The first round of Catwalk entries will go to people who are waitlisted for the Shindig.
  • Online Registration will open for additional participation after and slots will be limited.
  • All unclaimed entries will be available at Denver Comic Con.
    • That’s right, ON-SITE registration! We have so many people who want to participate in the Shindig every year that we want to give you the opportunity to show off your hard work if you have missed out.
    • We will post information about ON-SITE REGISTRATION as we get closer to the convention.

How do I register online?

  • After the Shindig Waitlist is contacted, we will hold a separate and very limited number of spots for online registration. Send an email to that includes the real name, the character you are cosplaying and the source the character is from for each member included in the entry as well as a contact email and phone number for the entry. Slots will be available on May 21st MDT. ANY SUBMISSIONS SENT BEFORE THIS DATE THAT ARE NOT FROM THE SHINDIG WAITLIST WILL BE IGNORED.

Is there a waitlist for the Catwalk like there is for the Shindig?

  • No, but we are holding a handful of slots that will be available on-site at the convention on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can we enter as a group?

  • Yes! Spots will be limited to our available space, please let us know how many people are in your group and we will try to accommodate you.

I don’t know what to do on stage. Help!

  • This will be a walk-on style show. You will have the opportunity to present your costume with a “flourish” on stage but time will be very limited. Think catwalk!

Are there awards?

  • This is the non-competitive, unjudged portion of the Shindig. Register for the Shindig if you would like to be eligible for awards.

Will there be a Microphone?

  • Our delightful MC’s will be introducing you! At registration or Check-In you will have the opportunity to provide a few sentences about your character and costume that the MCs will read while you are on stage.

Do I provide my own music or voice over?

  • At this time we will provide all of the music for the Cosplay Catwalk.

I did not make my costume. Can I participate in the Cosplay Catwalk?

  • Yes! We welcome all styles and levels of cosplayers.

I am registered for the Shindig, can I participate in the Cosplay Catwalk too?

  • If you’re not on the waitlist, please enjoy your time in the Shindig!


For all other questions please email: