Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Testimonials

It was my first time volunteering and it was one of the major highlights of my year. I had never been to Denver Comic Con but had been to others in the US and it was really awesome to get to experience my hometown con from a volunteer perspective. I made some wonderful new friends and we got to spend the day doing what we normally do, geek out over everything! – Samantha Cox

Volunteering for DCC is a lot of fun! – John Fiala

My first volunteering experience was in 2014 and for the DCC. I always get anxious in a crowd, but I loved it and went back for the second time this year. All my friends want to do it too. – Editha Tambunan

I had a blast volunteering with my family at Denver Comic Con last year and I can’t wait to do it again. – Amy Mason

I initially signed up to volunteer at DCC 2012 because a friend is in the leadership and said I would have fun. She was so right. The first year I helped run line management for various celebrity autograph lines and really enjoyed getting to watch people meet their heroes, and to hear the celebrities express their appreciation and enjoyment of their fans and our Con. Last year I was a celebrity assistant and loved getting a bit more responsibility and to work with the staff of DCC and my celebrity to make the Con fun and smooth for both the attendees and our guest celebrities. I really look forward to seeing all the great energy, costumes, interactions and fun this year. —Jessica Dixon

I’ve volunteered at Denver Comic Con in the summers of 2012 and 2013, and things went smoothly at the con, even when we had lots of guests to help- folks were kind and patient as they waited to be helped. I served each year on the merchandise team. Team members helped each other out, and our leadership was strong. Meeting various individuals from a wide selection of fandoms and backgrounds made it well worth my time to volunteer. I look forward to doing it again in 2014. —Tony Diaz

Volunteering for DCC will not only give you unforgettable memories as a Fan, it will also provide you invaluable experience you can take wherever your professional path leads you. The Pros and Fans you’ll meet are simply Amazing. Volunteer for DCC and let the Magic Embrace You! —Arnie Davila-Toro

Volunteering for the first time at DCC last year was one of the best and engaging experiences I’ve ever had. I’m more than willing to go as far as saying that I enjoyed volunteering more than being a regular con attendee by far, and I love me some convention attendance. You get to meet and work with a whole gamut of gloriously nerdy and accepting folk who quickly become friends and thanks to the awesome leadership and organization of the staff members, I can confidently say that anyone who volunteers who hasn’t done so before will become just as hooked to the experience as I have. Here’s to an even more amazing Denver Comicon in 2014.—Dean Freidline