Brenda Gutierrez

Brenda Gutierrez is the Library & Academic Guidance Coordinator at the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, Tribal Empowerment Department. She is an enrolled Tribal Member of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and has been working with tribal youth for the past eight years. During 2014-2015 Ms. Gutierrez worked with the Young Warriors, a program to guide youth in grades 6th-12th in a positive direction by placing them with role-models from the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo community and neighboring Pueblos and exposing the youth to higher education programs.  In 2016, Ms. Gutierrez along with other community members created and printed the short story “Our Father the Sun-Ki Kaha Thuride,” a story with English to Tiwa language (pueblo native language) translation. Along with the short stories, a Tiwa language dictionary, in which Ms. Gutierrez was a part of, was also published for tribal community use. Most recently Brenda is overseeing a Youth Art Group, which was started by three tribal students.  The focus of the art group is to provide youth mental clarity through art. Ms. Gutierrez, works closely with high school juniors and seniors and oversees the Higher Education Program.  The Higher Education Program helps funding for Tribal Members to attend higher education institutions, attain certifications, and with attaining General Education Development Certificate. Ms. Gutierrez appreciates being able to extend her knowledge with the youth and future of the Pueblo.