Carr D’Angleo

Carr D’Angelo, the founding owner of Earth-2 Comics, operates two stores in the Los Angeles, CA area with his wife Susan Avallone.  He opened the store in 2003 with the goal of catering to the burgeoning market of graphic novels and collected editions.

Earth-2 Comics Sherman Oaks is the 2007 recipient of the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award.  In 2011, Earth-2 Sherman Oaks and Northridge (co-owned with Geoff Johns) were named “Best Place to Stock Up on Graphic Novels” by the LA Weekly in their annual Best of Los Angeles issue. 

D’Angelo started his career in New York as an editor and writer for Starlog, Fangoria and Comics Scene magazines. Moving to Los Angeles, he continued as a freelance writer for several genre entertainment publications and wrote a column for the revived Comics Scene 2000.  Eventually, he worked as a script reader, studio executive and movie producer for Universal Studios, Sony, Disney and Paramount before moving into the comics retail business. 

He served for nine years on the Board of Directors of ComicsPRO, the retail trade association for Comic Book Retailers, and served as Vice-President from 2014-16.  He currently serves as Admin for ComicsPRO’s mentoring forum for new retailers, and is also the “Ask the Retailer” for the Comics Experience Creator Workshop website.

In 2015, D’Angelo served as a Judge for the Eisner Awards presented at San Diego Comic-Con International.