Eric Kallenborn

Eric Kallenborn: A kid at heart, Eric began reading comics when his dad would take him to a local candy store on the South Side of Chicago when he was about 10, to pick up a few comics.  As an only child, those comics most likely kept him out of his parents’ hair.  But, a love developed, and now, his love for comics has spilled into his career.  He has been teaching high school English for over 10 years and has taught dozens of comics and graphic novels.  His work with comics in the classroom has landed him on the cover of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times.  He has presented on the medium at almost every major educational and comic con in the country.  He is a co-founder of The Comics Education Outreach, a program of Pop Culture Classroom, and his book reviews, lesson ideas, and rantings can be found where he is currently reviewing 365 Graphic Novels in 365 days.