Jesse Post

Jesse Post is a publicist, editor, letterer, graphic designer, and bookseller with a penchant for beautiful works of art from small presses. He started his career at the Ralph Vicinanza Agency and Boston’s WHAT’S UP MAGAZINE before moving to Disney Publishing Worldwide. He edited comics for DISNEY ADVENTURES and COMIC ZONE (the two best-selling comics magazines in the country at the time) and managed start-up publishing projects within Disney’s licensing division, including the Muppets relaunch and a critically acclaimed archival comics series from Fantagraphics. After building marketing departments for Papercutz and Lion Forge, Jesse started Letter Better, a comics-focused publishing consultancy.  He is also the owner of  Postmark Books, an independent bookstore in New York’s Hudson Valley. The first thing he ever read in his life was a comic, and the rest is history.