Kat Kan

Katharine “Kat”  Kan, has been reading comics since Kindergarten; it’s in her blood – her father is a first-generation Superman fan (since 1939). Comics remained a part of her reading mix throughout her youth, high school, college, and into her professional life.  She earned her Masters in Library Studies from the University of Hawaii-Manoa in 1981 and has worked in libraries for more than 30 years. As a teen librarian in Hawaii during the mid-1980s, she helped to introduce graphic novels into the public library system, and has made sure graphic novels and comics are part of every library she has worked in since. Currently, she’s a librarian in a parochial school in Panama City, Florida.

Kat has written her “Graphically Speaking” review column in Voice of Youth Advocates since 1994. In addition to her library work, she has worked for Diamond Books Distributors, reviewed for Library Journal and Booklist, helped establish the Graphic Novel Core Collection at H.W. Wilson, and has worked as the Selector and Graphic Novel Specialist for Brodart Books & Library Services since 1983. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Reading With Pictures, a nonprofit organization working to get comics into schools and libraries.

Over the past 25 years, Kat has presented workshops about comics in libraries in several states, has spoken at the New York Comic Con and at numerous library conferences.  In 2004 she chaired the task force that created the Great Graphic Novels for Teens annual list, and has helped to run the Panama City CreativeCon.  She was the first librarian to sit on the Eisner Awards in 2005.

She has been married for 39+ years, raised two comics fan sons, and has two budding comics fan grandsons.