Lys Galati

Lys Galati: Every hero has an origin story and Lys Galati is no different. At the tender age of 8, she found herself stunned and changed after reading the leather-bound silver foil edition of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Her mom’s Dungeon and Dragon’s game night host had an extensive comic collection that she perused and then two sentences sealed her geek transformation forever. “Lys… your math has been getting better. You should come sit and play with us.” Lys Galati is a social arsonist, débrouillard, and nerd prophet who understands pop-culture genres in a way that only a person who has experienced them for decades can understand.

Her public relations firm; Sphinx PR has helped tell creators’ stories in every medium from comics and gaming to horror and more for 17 years.  Her philosophy is simple: promotion works, be it public relations, sales, and marketing, it should be accessible to everyone regardless of budget. This includes those who simply support the pop culture mediums as Lys has donated her time to work with nonprofits including Comics for Youth Refugees Incorporated Collective (CYRIC) as well as moderating panels for Comics Education Outreach. Sphinx’s distinct alchemy of language, words, and images are used to change the world.

Lys Galati lives in Chicago with her husband John.