Dee Bradley Baker

Colorado’s own Dee Bradley Baker is one of Los Angeles’ most versatile and sought-after A-list voice actors. His television credits include Sponge Bob (Squilliam, Bubble Bass), Star Wars: Rebels (Rex), Phineas and Ferb (Perry), Avatar: The Last Airbender/Korra (Momo, Appa, Pabu, Tarrlok), and American Dad (Klaus).

His recent movie work includes The Jungle Book, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and The Hobbit. He was Daffy Duck in Space Jam and is currently recording new Daffy cartoons.

Dee is also featured in many video games including Halo (Gravemind), Gears of War (creatures), Destiny (Variks), and World of Warcraft.

In addition to his chameleon-like acting skills, Dee is also the go-to guy in Hollywood for realistic creature vocalizations in movies, TV, and games. He splits his time between family, work, macro bug photography, and maintaining his free VO advice website,