J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell got his start in the early 90s after an issue of WildC.A.T.S for Jim Lee’s Homage (Wildstorm) comics imprint advertised a talent search and Campbell sent in a four-page WildC.A.T.S tryout story. A week and a half later, Jim Lee telephoned Campbell and asked him if he would move to San Diego to work for him. 

Campbell went on to co-create the teen superhero team Gen¹³, which was given their own regular ongoing series in March 1995. Campbell worked on the series until issue #20 (June 1997).  In 1998, Campbell co-founded the Cliffhanger imprint as part of Wildstorm Productions, which launched his comic series Danger Girl. The story, which followed the adventures of a group of female secret agents, made the most of Campbell’s talents drawing well-endowed women and dramatic action sequences.

After that, Campbell signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and drew many iconic covers for The Amazing Spider-Man between 2006 and 2013.  Current Marvel readers will recognize his covers for The Unbelievable Gwen-pool and Spider-Gwen, and for DC, Harley’s Little Black Book and of course, Danger Girl: Renegade for IDW.  Astute fans will recognize Campbell’s iconic cover artwork for the DCC 2013 Program book.