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Pop Culture Classroom is pleased and honored to announce the renewal of a continued partnership with Action Lab Comics! PCC’s arts and literacy curriculum Storytelling Through Comics (STC) is greatly supported by Action Lab, and the partnership will continue through 2020. This is a continuation of a strong relationship between like-minded organizations that stand behind the use of comics as powerful educational tools.

STC is a standards-based curriculum that explores age-appropriate comic literature with the goals of igniting a love of learning and increasing literacy by using pop culture as an educational tool. After discussing how art and words work together to tell a story, students are then given the chance to create comics of their own.

Action Lab licenses their comic Princeless #1 for use in the STC curriculum. Teachers have the opportunity to use this comic book as a teaching tool in the classroom in association with STC. Thanks to Action Lab’s generosity PCC will be able to continue to provide teachers with the very best of curricula and tools while keeping costs to educators low. PCC’s goal is to promote literacy through what children are already interested in, fusing pop culture and education together. Action Lab’s support in these endeavors is greatly appreciated and we look forward to a continued partnership built on these ideals.

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