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Educator’s Day 2017 Offers Exciting Opportunities for Teachers

Over the past four years, Educator’s Day has given over 1,000 teachers, librarians, administrators and other educators the opportunity to receive a free Friday pass to Denver Pop Culture Con. The goal of Educator’s Day is to help these educators incorporate the power of pop culture in a classroom as a way to engage and inspire students.

In 2017, Denver Pop Culture Con featured over 200 hours of panels and programs geared toward educators from all different backgrounds and grade levels. Panels ranged from using comic books in the classroom to LGBTQ issues to Drawing 101 workshops, and everything in between.

As Bruce MacIntosh says, the programs at DPCC’17 were “well attended by both educators and students. We are encouraged to expand beyond this year’s 220 education focused panels for next year!”

By giving educators the opportunity to attend DPCC and select from the wide variety of educational panels offered, they learned about new and exciting ways to connect with students inside and outside of the classroom.

Illya Kowalchuk says Denver Pop Culture Con “from year one, has always been about supporting and empowering educators….It’s also about giving them this unique space to share these amazing ideas and resources and tools that they can then bring back to their students and schools to show just how transformative pop culture-based education can be.”

2017 Kids’ Comics Contest Winners Meet with the Pros

Our annual Kids’ Comic Contest is PCC’s way of encouraging young artists to continue in their work and be inspired to pursue a career doing what they love.

In 2017, we selected 4 talented grand-prize winners from elementary through high school. As part of their prize for their outstanding art and creativity, the winners attended Denver Pop Culture Con on Sunday to have a special lunch with talented professional comic artists Franco and Ty Templeton.

Congratulations to the winners for their wonderful artwork, and another thank you to the amazing artists for donating their time to chat! You can see the winners’ winning comic entries here.

The 2018 Kids’ Comics Contest submissions will open later this year, so stay tuned!

First-Ever Educator of the Year Award Winners Visit DPCC!

Our first-ever Pop Culture Educator of the Year Award Winners attended Denver Pop Culture Con this year! Awarded for the exceptional work they have put into bringing pop culture into their classrooms and communities, these four educators were recognized before and during DPCC’17 for their ability to innovate, engage and inspire their students.

We are pleased to recognize and honor their hard work! To learn about each of the award-winners, you can read more here.

And if you have someone you’d like to nominate, don’t worry – submissions for the 2018 Educator of the Year Awards will open later this year!

From the Bottom of Our Heart, Thank You!

Our utmost thanks to all the fans, exhibitors, artists, creators, cosplayers, educators, families and so many others who made Denver Pop Culture Con and our educational programming a success this year!

It’s your incredible support of this event that makes these opportunities and PCC’s year-round educational programming possible. Be sure to join us for Denver Pop Culture Con 2018 for even more fun and inspiring programming!

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