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Are you new to using pop culture in education? Or are you well-versed in the pairing, looking to brush up your skills?

Either way, we invite you to attend Educator’s Day at Denver Pop Culture Con 2018.  This year, Educator’s Day is the first day of the con, Friday, June 15th.

Qualified educators can receive free admission for the day!

On top of the vibrant experience of attending Denver Pop Culture Con, educators are given powerful opportunities to share ideas, build new skills, and learn how to use pop culture as an educational tool in their classrooms and schools. Not to mention – its free!

Also, if you’re at all worried about the panels being basic or boring – don’t be! We’ve had some awesome and interesting educational panels in the past, including The Misrepresentation of Mental Health in Pop Culture, Using Fandoms as Social Activism, Teaching STEM with Comics, and others too numerous to mention.

Any kind of educator can apply – be they teachers, librarians, or administrators. All that’s required is that you apply before Friday, June 1st, and attend and provide feedback on at least two educational panels if accepted.

Last year, we had around 300 educators come and experience panels and workshops at Denver Pop Culture Con. We’d love to have just as many or even more visit us this year! If you’re at all interested, make sure to apply before Friday, June 1st!

We hope to see you at Educator’s Day this year at Denver Pop Culture Con, and that you have an amazing experience learning about the power of pop culture as a learning tool with us!



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