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The Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Laboratory is back in action for Denver Pop Culture Con 2018!

Don’t know what the PCC Kids’ Lab is? It’s only 9,000 square feet of pop culture-based educational fun for kids and teens – not to mention the most fun you’ll have all summer long! Located right on the show floor, the Kids’ Lab is your one-stop shop for all things fun, engaging and creative at Denver Pop Culture Con this year!


What’s New for 2018? 

Last year, at DPCC’17, thousands of kids and families took part in our one-of-a-kind programming and activities in the Kids’ Lab over the weekend. For 2018, we are pulling out all the stops – with all-new partners, programs and special events – to make it an even more incredible experience for all our attendees. But we need YOUR help to make it even more special!

This year, our Kids’ Lab theme is Be The Hero. We’ll be offering a ton of fun, interactive and engaging activities for kiddos of all ages and interests around this theme– including everything from arts & crafts to STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) activities to musical performances to photo ops galore! All activities are meant to give kids of all ages the tools to empower themselves to make a difference in the world. With plenty of activities lined up, the Kids’ Lab is sure to leave visitors inspired!


Great Partners, Great Programming

As a bonus, each year the Kids’ Lab hosts a multitude of community partners from all across Colorado offering cool, pop culture-based programming and presentations for kiddos of all ages! Be on the lookout for a blog post soon about all the cool partners you can expect to see at DPCC’18!


Learn from the Experts on Our Stages

The Kids’ Lab will also see the return of our two unique stages this year: The All Ages Stage and The 8-Bit Stage, which is intended specifically for teen attendees. Both stages will have a nonstop schedule of creators, artists, and even drop-in celebrity guests throughout the entire Con weekend. Not to mention, the stages are completely free for all attendees!


Create Your Own Fun in Our Activity Areas

Finally, we encourage you to visit the STEAM Education Area, which will host science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning activities all weekend, as well as the Arts & Crafts Education Area, a spot perfect for young creators and artists to explore their craft.


And Plenty of Surprises to Come!

If all of that isn’t enough to entice you to visit the Kids’ Lab, there’s plenty of surprises in store.

Be sure to stop by the Kids’ Lab with your family and learn all about how DPCC’s unique family friendly environment and focus on education is helping us reach pop culture fans of all ages!

Make sure to stay tuned for more information coming soon!



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