Pop Culture Classroom Announces Educational Programs at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION

Pop Culture Classroom at FAN EXPO Denver

Denver-based nonprofit to offer free opportunities for teachers and students, plus more

(DENVER, CO, Sept. 9, 2021) — The Denver-based education nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom and FAN EXPO HQ today announced key educational programming at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION, October 29 -31, at the Colorado Convention Center.

With more than 60 hours of programming and activities specifically dedicated to the educational power of pop culture, Pop Culture Classroom promises a weekend of one-of-a-kind experiences to inspire a love of learning and connect pop culture fans of all ages.

“FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION isn’t just a place for must-see entertainment. It’s about learning, imagining, creating, and community connection too,” commented Pop Culture Classroom’s Interim Executive Director, Adam Kullberg, in prepared remarks. “We’ve got an amazing weekend of engaging and entertaining activities planned for educators, students, families, and fans visiting this year’s event. We can’t wait to see you there!”

Pop Culture Classroom will kick off its programming at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION Friday, October 29, with a day of activities for educators, students, and families — all designed to advance the organization’s nonprofit mission to promote literacy, a love of learning, creative self-expression, and inclusive communities through pop culture:

Educators’ Day

Educators’ Day is an opportunity for educators to attend the convention for free and participate in a track of workshops, panels, and other professional opportunities designed for Colorado teachers, librarians, education and teaching students, and other educators. This special program at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION is designed to help educators learn about how they can improve their craft using the tools of pop culture.

Educators can apply for this free day of professional development at:

Experience the Comics

Through Experience the Comics, student and youth groups can take in a FREE day of learning and fun at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION. Middle and high school students can talk with working writers, artists, and other creative professionals, get hands-on experience with creative self-expression, explore career options, and join thought-provoking discussions about comics, anime, movies, video games, and other fandoms students love.

Educators and chaperones can apply at:

Kids’ Lab

Throughout the weekend, the Pop Culture Classroom’s Kids’ Lab will offer families the chance to make lasting memories with art, cosplay and storytelling workshops, hands-on activities and games, and much more. The six-thousand-square-foot area will be located on the main showroom floor at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION, with rotating programs and exciting surprises.

To learn more about the Kids’ Lab, visit https://popcultureclassroom.org/programs/pop-culture-classroom-at-fan-expo-denver/fan-expo-denver-kids-lab-partner-application/.

Educational Programming

Finally, Pop Culture Classroom’s Educational Programming Track at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION will offer attendees the chance to explore the power of pop culture in education. Educators and fans will join pop culture experts and enthusiasts from the community on presentations, panel discussion, and other programming that focus on bringing pop culture education into the classroom.

Pop Culture pundits, experts, and aficionados of all ages can apply to host an educational panel, presentation, or demonstration at https://popcultureclassroom.org/programs/pop-culture-classroom-at-fan-expo-denver/fan-expo-denver-educational-programming-application/

“Pop Culture Classroom is putting together a fantastic weekend with FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION, and we’re excited to support this important work going forward,” said Andrew Moyes, Vice President of FAN EXPO HQ. “Because Pop Culture Classroom is FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION’s featured charity, every ticket purchased helps fund services and resources that help teachers, parents, and students learn, imagine, create, and connect through the power of pop culture.”

For more information about educational opportunities at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION, please visit https://popcultureclassroom.org/programs/pop-culture-classroom-at-fan-expo-denver/

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Pop Culture Classroom is a 501c3 education nonprofit dedicated to inspiring a love of learning, increasing literacy, celebrating diversity and building community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression. For more information, please visit www.PopCultureClassroom.org


FAN EXPO HQ is the largest comic con producer in the world. Collectively it hosts nearly 1 million fans annually at FAN EXPO Canada, MEGACON Orlando, FAN EXPO Dallas, FAN EXPO Boston, FAN EXPO Denver, FAN EXPO San Francisco, Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo, FAN EXPO Vancouver, Toronto Comicon, Dallas FAN FESTIVAL and Edmonton Comics & Entertainment Expo. In 2022, FAN EXPO HQ will present six new shows previously organized by Wizard World: FAN EXPO Chicago, FAN EXPO Philadelphia, FAN EXPO St. Louis, FAN EXPO Portland, FAN EXPO New Orleans, and FAN EXPO Cleveland.


  1. Catherine Ishida

    Will any of the programming for the Educator’s Day at the comic convention in Denver be in connection to pop culture in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong? Please let us know so that we might share this opportunity with teachers in our Teaching East Asia programs. Thank you.

    • Christopher Burley

      Apologies for the delayed response, but thank you for highlighting this area for our programming team.


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