As you may have read in our recent blog post, we will be doing bag and prop checks this year to ensure the safety of all attendees. Yes, inevitably this means things will go slower at entry time, so here are 5 tips that may reduce your stress (and avoid bringing out the Big Green Guy) when you get to the entrance lines.

And, we now have an entry map to help you find where to go when you arrive! Click the button below to view and download:

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1. Arrive About An Hour After the Official Opening Time

If you don’t really have to be on the con floor right at the start of the day, come about an hour after the official opening time. There will likely be thousands of people lining up first thing in the morning, and the reality is — even with multiple bag and prop check stations — security can only go so fast. So, unless you have your heart set on being among the first into the con, just wait a little while before arriving, and you’ll likely get in a lot faster.

2. Pick Up Your Badge on Thursday (Con Starts Friday)

If you need to exchange your ticket for your badge, do it on Thursday, the day before the con starts. The lines will be much shorter, if there are lines at all. Have a friend swing you by the B Lobby on the Welton side so you don’t have to park, then have them pick you up after you’ve got your badge. No friend available?  Try using Lyft – New Lyft users click HERE for $5 off 3 rides and existing Lyft users enter the promo code DCC20OFF  for 20% off one ride to/from the Con. And remember to bring a printout of your ticket and your I.D. Hours: Thursday, 9am-6pm and each day of the con starting at 8 am in the same Bat-Location of B Lobby.  

3. Read the Cosplay and Prop Guidelines BEFORE You Come

Cosplaying or bringing in props?  Be sure to read and adhere to the 2017 guidelines HERE before you arrive.  Knowing what can and cannot be brought into the con can save you time and headaches onsite.

4. Buy Tickets in Advance (Less Risk, Less Cost)

If you don’t have tickets yet, now is the time! Saturday badges are nearly gone and you don’t want to miss out. If tickets are still available by the time the show opens, we will sell them “at the door” but know that this is more expensive! Tickets are $10 higher at the door, so plan to get yours online ahead of time and save that extra cash.

5. Drink Water … Seriously, Drink a Lot of Water

Lines are inevitable (see item #1) with this many people in one place, so plan to hydrate! Bring a water bottle and refill it at any one of the many fill stations at water fountains throughout the convention center. Bring a light snack with you, too, and remember that summer in Colorado is hot and dry.

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