Denver Comic Con, the multimedia pop culture fan event and program of Pop Culture Classroom, announced today their partnership with Denver PrideFest 2016. The two events, both on Father’s Day weekend, are collaborating on a group wedding and LGBTQ programming that will take place at Denver Comic Con.

The group wedding, a geek-themed ceremony that is open to all couples, gay or straight, will take place on Sunday, June 19 from 4-5 p.m. in the Bellco Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center. Couples are encouraged to wear costumes of their favorite pop culture characters, and the ceremony will feature geek language wedding vows, live music, and more. Any guest of Denver Comic Con with a Sunday badge will be allowed to attend. Interested couples will need to apply at by midnight on Friday, April 22. It is free to apply.

LGBTQ programming will take place all day on Friday, June 17 at Denver Comic Con as a way to kick off PrideFest weekend. The panels will include topics such as how young adult literature with queer themes can disrupt norms, and how to add diversity to comics, scifi and fantasy.

“We have a unity mission at Denver Comic Con. We’re committed to promoting education and community, bringing together diverse people and interests regardless of age, race, gender or background,” said Denver Comic Con director Christina Angel. “Our dedication to this mission and the fact that our events are on the same weekend made partnering with Denver PrideFest an easy choice.”

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