Pop Culture Classroom is up to some exciting things this Fall. Check out our education outreach update below about the many opportunities that we’re offering across the Front Range and beyond.


PCC Continues Its Inmate Art & Literacy Program

We’re proud to announce that we have been invited to continue our unique program, LEAD With Comics, at the Boulder County Jail (BCJ). Through generous funding from the Arts Affinity Group of the Denver Foundation, PCC has been able to develop and continue this powerful program that supports the literacy, art and personal awareness of inmates through the critical study and creation of comics and graphic novels.

We know that comics provide a less intimidating entry into literacy, and as a result, we’ve seen wonderful growth in the literacy and artistic abilities of our students. As one student from BCJ commented, “After taking the LEAD class, I now know what I want to do with my art. I want to illustrate comics.” This particular inmate has even gone on to start and teach his own drawing class for other inmates in the BCJ. PCC is excited to continue this class at the BCJ and is always looking for other correctional facilities to partner with.

PCC Seeks Educators to Pilot New Game Design Curriculum

Help us build an awesome curriculum for other teachers and earn yourself a Denver Comic Con 2016 badge (and maybe some swag, as well!).

We’re developing a new curricular unit of study for 2nd-12th grade teachers. This unit will use 21st Century Skillset aligned lessons to teach students universal game methodology and then give them the chance to create their own games. For example, if you were studying the Revolutionary War, your students could create a Roll and Move game that demonstrates their understanding of Paul Revere’s Ride or American troop movements during the war.

In this unit, students will study, analyze, and create Roll &Move, (Life, Sorry, Candyland), Resource Management, (Monopoly, Risk, Settlers of Catan) and/or Role Playing (Dungeons and Dragons) games. We are looking for teachers who are interested in dedicating 5-15 hours of instructional time, and another ~5 hours of reporting back to us about the program, between January 1st and Feb 29th, 2016.

If you are an educator interested in participating in our pilot program, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY!

Bring a PCC Workshop to Your School!

Pop Culture Classroom is ready to support you and your education programs! Lately, we’ve been busy building our pool of qualified teachers, and we’d love to have them come and teach at your site. PCC can work with you to find the right number of sessions, class size, timing, and content to meet your needs and budget. PCC also operates on a sliding scale payment system, in case your site is pressed for funding this year.

We’ve had great success with everything from 2 hour school-day sessions to 14 week after-school workshops. Our teachers and material motivate students while supporting the Common Core. Additionally, our teachers are consistently rated as extremely prepared and professional and supportive of student academic growth.

Curriculum Study Guides

“Storytelling Through Comics” (STC) is the name of our unique comic book creation program that is available in both digital and printed format on our online store. This curriculum is currently being used by dozens of teaches across the US. Coming your way soon is our new custom curriculum created for the first book in the YA series The Red Sun, Legends of Orkney, written by author and DCC’15 guest Alane Adams.

Interested in learning more about any of the above?  Please contact us using our website contact form.