Pop Culture Classroom Brings Education, Family Fun to FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION

Pop Culture Classroom at FAN EXPO Denver

(Denver, CO, Oct. 27) — FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION starts Friday, and the Denver education non-profit Pop Culture Classroom is putting the finishing touches on its 120+ hours of pop culture panels, presentations, workshops, and activities promoting the group’s mission to educate, inspire, and connect through comics, gaming, and other pop culture.

The following is a prepared statement by Adam Kullberg, Interim Executive Director at pop Culture Classroom. 

“We can’t wait to pull back the curtain on all the educational opportunities and family fun we have planned for this year’s event.  Activities begin Friday morning as Pop Culture Classroom welcomes more than 250 educators and students from across Colorado to the group’s Experience the Comics and Educators’ Day programs. Pop Culture Classroom’s offerings throughout the con weekend include:  

  • Educators’ Day offers teachers, librarians, and other educators from Colorado and beyond the chance to connect with each other and learn ways to promote student engagement and success using popular culture. Aurora Public Schools Superintendent Rico Munn will provide keynote remarks on Leadership Through Pop Culture at 6 PM.  
  • “The Experience the Comics program provides free tickets to FAN EXPO Denver for young people who otherwise may be unable to attend — plus, a carefully curated program of presentations and activities to learn creative skills, connect with creative professionals, and use pop culture to connect with educational success.  
  • “The Kids’ Lab offers a range of unique activities for kids, teens, and families. The Kids’ Lab will feature attractions like APEX Denver’s parkour course, gripping true tales from History Colorado, a Crafts and Activities Zone, and 2021: A Space Oddity, an all-new pop-up interactive role-playing experience created especially for the event Plus, Lab visitors have the opportunity to engage with professional creators, celebrity guests, and artists on the Kids’ Lab stage throughout the weekend.  
  • “Families, educators, and fans of all ages, can enjoy Pop Culture Classroom‘s Educational Programming Panel Room all weekend long as experts and fans can take part in 20+ panels that focus on new creative skills and pop culture in the classroom. Fans will have the chance to connect and chat with experts about the theoretical (vibranium in metallurgy), fantastical (world-building for fantasy and science fiction), and real (responsible representation of identity) in popular culture. 
  • Plus tons of exciting surprises in store that you’ll have to see to believe, too! 

“We can’t wait to bring together the community for an amazing weekend with plenty for fans of comics, gaming, film and tv, and other pop culture to love. Even better, as the featured charity of the event, each FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION ticket that’s purchased helps support our nonprofit… Because while the event may only last three days, revenue generated from the event helps us support students, families, educators, and our community using the pop culture so many of us love all year long. This includes classes for local students and educators, new free educational comics, curriculum, and other resources, and creating more opportunities in the community to connect through pop culture.” 

For more information about Pop Culture Classroom at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION, please visit https://www.popcultureclassroom.org/fanexpo 


Media Contact: Chris Burley, Pop Culture Classroom, 202-427-1175 (mobile)      

Pop Culture Classroom is a 501c3 education nonprofit dedicated to inspiring a love of learning, increasing literacy, celebrating diversity and building community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression. For more information, please visit www.PopCultureClassroom.org 


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