PopStream Learning Lounge - Episode 1, featuring Tabatha Rosproy, 2020 National Teacher of the Year

PopStream Launches The Learning Lounge

The PopStream Learning Lounge is Pop Culture Classroom’s new monthly streaming program dedicated specifically to educators and librarians. Each episode features practical ways to integrate comics, video games, film and TV, and other pop culture in meaningful ways to engage students in literacy,  creative self-expression, and social emotional learning.  

Enter the Learning Lounge

The PopStream Learning Lounge is our monthly streaming program dedicated specifically to educators and librarians.  It’s the place for educators to:

  • Build community;
  • Learn and laugh with each other,
  • Find engaging, new lesson plans and free, downloadable classroom resources, and
  • Discover techniques to more effectively bring pop culture into classrooms or libraries.
  • And much more!

Our hosts Matt and Tajshen, our rotating cast, and our monthly guests will be sharing stories from the classroom and tried-and-true methods of effectively integrating pop culture into a variety of learning environments.

In each show, we’ll explore concrete ways that different types of pop culture, including comics and graphic novels, board and video games, and film/TV, can be used to activate academic and social-emotional learning.

With the exception of the debut episode, The PopStream Learning Lounge airs live every third Thursday of the month on YouTube.com/PopStream.

Found in the Lounge: Great Guests and New Friends


Each month, you’ll hear insights from some of the most exciting voices in education and teaching. You can interact directly with these guests and other pop-culture-loving educators LIVE in the chat. It’s a great way to find answers to your questions on a range of topics and to and make valuable professional connections.

We’re kicking off our first episode with a very special guest: 2020 National teacher of the Year, Tabatha Rosproy.

Recognized for her innovative intergenerational work teaching special education preschoolers in Kansas, Tabatha is the first pre-k educator to be named National Teacher of the Year.

And that’s just the start! On May 21, we’ll be joined by Zack Hartzman of Hey Listen Games. He’ll share his insights on beneficial ways to bring video games into the classroom.

Future guests will share tips on using comics, anime, and manga to engage students. Each and every episode is designed to help educators reach students and engage them, so please tune in live or subscribe to the on-demand podcast below.

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