Pop Culture Classroom Statement on Protests in Denver, Nationwide

Pop Culture Classroom Statement on Protests in Denver, Nationwide

(DENVER, JUNE 3, 2020) — At Pop Culture Classroom, our mission is to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity, and build community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression.

When those who make up our diverse community are hurting, and when self-expression is being silenced, we have a duty to speak up. And when individuals in communities around our country are subject to discrimination and senseless violence — particularly at the hands of those charged with keeping our communities safe — we must take action to address it.

We stand with the black community and peaceful protestors in Denver and across the country in the vital work of addressing long-standing racial injustices and inequities experienced by people of color. We are committed to helping bring awareness to these issues and the countless lives and communities they impact. And we believe it is imperative that we make room for and amplify these voices for fairness and freedom from violence.

In order to ensure that these voices are seen and heard, we are suspending all social media activities through Monday — with the exception of one daily post at 8:46 PM MST each day to honor the memory of George Floyd with resources from people of color and organizations leading the work for racial justice.

We believe in the power to create a stronger, more inclusive, and just society through education, imagination, and inspiration. We believe that everyone has a right to be equally heard and respected, regardless of the color of their skin. And we are committed to finding ways to address injustice, racism, and hatred to create a better world.

Black lives matter.

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Christopher Burley, 202-427-1175 or c.burley[at]popcultureclassroom.org


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