Educational Panels & Programming

Our educational programming offers educators, parents, and creators the chance to:

LEARN how to leverage pop culture media to further their craft


DISCUSS how popular culture resources, events and media can inspire youth and lead to greater social change


DEVELOP new ways to integrate pop culture into their classrooms, homes, and local communities with an eye for creativity and inclusivity.

Programs and Panels for Educators

Pop Culture Classroom is looking for presenters for Educators’ Day that can help teachers, librarians, and other educators incorporate pop culture into their teaching practices. Successful Educator’s Day session from previous years include:

  • Teaching Historical Inquiry with Pop Culture
  • Fandom as Pedagogy: Geeking Up Your Classroom
  • Pop Culture as Differentiated Products
  • Local History with Dungeons and Dragons
  • Anime Goes to College
  • Ping Me: How Competitive Gaming Teams Use High-Performance Language
  • Social/Emotional Learning through Dungeons & Dragons
  • Social/Emotional Learning with Graphic Novels
  • Video Games as 21st Century Literature


Programs, Panels, and Activities for Students and Families

Pop Culture Classroom is also looking for presenters that can create fun, interactive sessions for the All-Ages stage that activate kids’ and families’ curiosity, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Successful All-Ages Stage sessions from previous years include:

  • Creating Cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy Worlds
  • Colorado’s History Mysteries
  • Fly Away with Paper Airplanes
  • Fight Choreography Demonstrations
  • Draw-Along sessions
  • Trivia Sessions
  • Fortnite Dance Lessons
  • Animal Science with Pokémon