Educators’ Day

Educators’ Day is a free full-day experience on Friday, July 1 at FAN EXPO Denver 2022 that provides teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators the chance to:

  • PARTICIPATE in educational sessions and activities that highlight the benefits and practical applications of pop culture in the classroom.
  • LEARN how they can improve their craft using pop culture media and other tools
  • CONNECT with other educators from across Colorado.

2022 Schedule

FRI 11amPop Culture Classroom Presents: Educators’ Day Keynote Panel – Comics for Kids and Teens, and Preparing Youth to be Tomorrow’s CreativesEducators’ Day Exclusive: Registered Educators’ Day attendees can join Pop Culture Classroom and select Children’s and YA comic creators to kick off a day of learning a fun at FAN EXPO Denver! Learn how the professionals create content for kids and teens, and what we can do to prepare our youth to be the next generation of creators. 
FRI 12pmPop Culture Classroom Presents: Using Pop Culture to Make Young LeadersEducators’ Day Exclusive: Our kids’ and teens’ favorite fandoms can be used to teach and reinforce social/emotional skills and turn them into young leaders! Join Pop Culture Classroom as we teach you how!
FRI 1pmThe Science Of: The Power of Pop Culture in the STEM ClassroomEducators’ Day Exclusive: What can Iceman, Star Wars, and James Bond teach us about thermochemistry, planetary science and physics? Join Matt and Shari Brady, long-time STEM educators and co-founders of to learn about why STEM Ed needs pop culture, the benefits of using pop culture in your classroom, and some best practices so you can give it a try for yourself!
FRI 2:30pmPop Culture Classroom Presents: Creativity and Comics Activities, K-12Looking for practical activites to use in your classroom to boost creativity and engage students’ love for comics? Or just looking for ways to break up the classroom routine? Join PCC’s Education Program Mager, Matt Slayter, as he demonstrates creative activies for K-12 students in this interactive session. 
FRI 3:30pmHistory Colorado: Casa Bonita Museum of Memory ProjectWhat’s your favorite memory of Casa Bonita? How many sopapillas do you think you’ve eaten over the years? History Colorado staff members demonstrate how to lead a Museum of Memory history project that explores our shared memories of this special place. Educators will leave with a strategy for collecting stories with students about the history of where they live. Museum of Memory projects promote civic engagement, community wellbeing, intergenerational connections, and social activism.
FRI 4:30pmHow Collective Storytelling in Anime and Comics Has Built Up Marginalized Communities A Collective discussion on how under-represented communities found their voice in the pages of comics and anime. This session will emphasize using discussion and collaborative storytelling, and will give attendees the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts through emphasis on modern media.     
FRI 5:30pmThe Holocaust in Comic Books: Preparing for Colorado Bill HB20-1336Holocaust education has become increasingly important as those who witnessed it have continued to pass on. Many comic book artists have used their craft to remember these tragic events. We will be discussing those comics and more in this panel. Captain America, Hellboy, Maus, Chutz-POW, Supermenches, and more!  The new Colorado bill HB20-1336 requires the satisfactory completion of a course that includes Holocaust and genocide studies as a condition of high school graduation in public schools. This will take effect in 2023 and we will be offering comic books and other resource ideas for educators to take into their classrooms!   
FRI 6:30pmPop Culture Classroom Presents: Pop Culture as Assessment and Differentiated Products Essays, short-answer questions, and multiple-choice test certainly have their time and place in the classroom… But what if your students could choose to create a comic, board game, video, or website for their unit assessment? Pop Culture Classroom’s Education Program Manager, Matt Slayter, will teach you how to engage students’ passions while managing differentaited products in the classroom. 
Educators’ Day – July 1, 2022