Pop Culture Classroom at FAN EXPO Denver

FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION Educational Programming Application

Thank you for your interest in leading a Panel/Session Proposal for Pop Culture Classroom’s Educational Programming Track at FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION (October 29-31, 2021).

At this year’s FAN EXPO Denver event, Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) will coordinate two forms of programming:

  • EDUCATION TRACK (below): 50-minute pedagogical panels that are intended to aid educators in harnessing the power of pop culture in their classrooms
  • KIDS’ LAB: 20-30 minute sessions intended for kids and/or teens – these sessions could cover a broad range of topics and interests but should be designed to keep audiences actively engaged through demonstrations, activities, and/or workshops.

If your panel/session does not fall into one of these two categories, please submit your proposal to FAN EXPO Denver: Special Edition for consideration in their other tracks of programming 

Educational Programming at FAN EXPO Denver: Special Edition


Before submitting your application, please review the following PCC Programming policies. By applying to present in this track of programming, you and any fellow presenters agree to follow these guidelines.   

  • PCC is dedicated to inspiring education and community regardless of age, race, gender, or background – panels/sessions must not contain any offensive behavior or topics.  
  • PCC does not place panelists on submitted panels nor do we foster or facilitate connections between presenters and our celebrity guests. Attempting to contact or include FAN EXPO Denver celebrities and guests could result in the immediate cancelation of your panel.   
  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining permission from all presenters and, should the panel/session be accepted, for informing them of panelists responsibilities and schedule. 
  • Panelists and moderators of approved panels (up to 6 per panel/session – including a moderator when applicable) will receive a complimentary badge to FAN EXPO Denver, these badges cannot be resold or distributed to anyone note presenting on the panel/session.  
  • Panelists must be able to present on any day and at any time during FAN EXPO Denver.   
  • All panel rooms are equipped with a dais (table) and up to 6 chairs for moderator/panelists, one or more microphones, a projector and a screen. Panel rooms do not include a laptop, panelists must bring their own laptop and connector/dongle   
  • The goal of every PCC panel/session is that it provides some value or learning benefit to attendees, as such panels/ session cannot be conspicuously self-promotional for individuals, organization, and/or products/materials. 

The PCC’s Educational Programming submission window for FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION closes on September 30, 2021.  All applicants should be notified of their panel status no later than October 13, 2021.