Educational Panels & Programming

Our educational programming offers educators, parents, and creators the chance to:

  • LEARN how to leverage pop culture media to further their craft
  • DISCUSS how popular culture resources, events, and media can inspire youth and lead to greater social change
  • DEVELOP new ways to integrate pop culture into their classrooms, homes, and local communities with an eye for creativity and inclusivity.

Share Your Expertise!

Pop Culture Classroom seeks panelists and programs that provide educators, parents, and creators with opportunities to explore educational opportunities in comics, tabletop role-playing games, manga, video games, and other popular culture.

Past Sessions Have Included…

  • Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Social Emotional Learning
  • CU Boulder Presents Representing Black Ethnicity with Coded Animation
  • The Science of… Presents the Science of Mjolnir
  • Denver Library Presents Pulp Heroes and Their Influence on Today’s Comics