Resources for Students & Families

Educational Comics

A growing range of online and downloadable resources featuring comics, games, and other forms of pop culture that are as fun as they are educational.

Pop Culture Events


Pop Up

PopUP is a new one-day, in-person event to educate, inspire, and connect kids and families through the power of comics, video games, and other pop culture featuring entertaining and educational sessions with creative professionals and educators, interactive workshops, art demos, and other family fun.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Multi-day, pop-culture-inspired camps are held at our classroom facilities and partner locations throughout Metro Denver.


Pop Culture Classroom at FanExpo Denver

PCCs Educational Programs at FAN EXPO Denver offers students, educators, families, and fans of all ages an awesome opportunity to create, imagine, learn, and connect through pop culture!

Video Resources

Drawing Action and Gestures

How to Create Great Comic Panels and Pages

How to Draw Basic Anatomy

Designing Villains

Pop Culture Classroom Paint and Sip (Color Theory)

Meet the Monsters with Lija Fisher (Author, The Cryptids Duology)