Outreach Programs

At Pop Culture Classroom, we believe learning is more effective and accessible when we tap into students’ existing interests, especially with pop culture media.

Our mission is to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity, and build community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression — and our workshops play an important part in this work.

We work at local schools, libraries and community centers in Denver and the surrounding counties, offering workshops like:

  • Storytelling Through Comics
    • Game On! Board Game Design
    • Intro to Cosplay
    • Pop Culture Careers in Art
    • Interactive Branching Narratives with TWINE
      • World Building for Sci-Fi and Fantasy
    • Social-Emotional Learning through Dungeons & Dragons

What can your students do with Pop Culture Classroom?

  • Think Critically – Look beneath the surface of the stories and media you love.
  • Create Like the Pros – Engage in the creative process by learning to make comics, board games, or cosplay.
  • Become a Master of Fiction – Learn to create fictional worlds and write stories about them.
  • Play the Part – Play new games and learn how video, board, and role-playing games get made.
  • Choose A Career Path – Discover what it takes to be a professional artist and how to get a career in pop culture.

Bring Pop Culture to Your Classroom

(Or Library, Or Community Center)

Pop Culture Classroom Workshops are taught by artists, writers, and other pop culture experts and professionals.

Highly customizable, these workshops are available as one-off workshops or multi-class courses for children 8+, teens, adults, and as intergenerational experiences.

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