Classroom Resources

Curricular Units

Game On!

Offer students the chance to play, analyze, and create their very own tabletop games. After discussing how game components work together, students are asked to create a tabletop game of their own centered around a topic of the teacher’s choosing.

Storytelling Through Comics

Explore age-appropriate comic literature with the goals of igniting a love of learning and increasing literacy by using pop culture as an educational tool. In addition, this can help students acquire problem-solving abilities and build stronger in-class communities with their peers and teachers.

Educational Comics

A growing range of online and downloadable resources featuring comics, games, and other forms of pop culture that are as fun as they are educational.

Colorful History

Images of several Colorful History comic panels, displayed in a comic panel grid

A FREE downloadable comic series about people, places, and events in US History with included Common Core-aligned teaching guides.

Teaching Guides

Images of several comic panels, displayed in a comic panel grid

Download free teaching guides that will help you excite and engage students with educator-ready projects, discussion topics, and more. 

Video Resources

Drawing Action and Gestures

How to Create Great Comic Panels and Pages

How to Draw Basic Anatomy

Designing Villains

Pop Culture Classroom Paint and Sip (Color Theory)

Meet the Monsters with Lija Fisher (Author, The Cryptids Duology)