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Inspire the love of learning in a child!

With a new year fast approaching, your support for Pop Culture Classroom matters more than ever. 

Over the last few years, children and their families have been hit hard by outside forces beyond their control like COVID-19 and the economy. As a result, the learning gap has widened exponentially, impacting vulnerable kids the most.   

Our work to bring innovative learning programs to kids and teens by using the comics, games, and pop culture they already love matters more now than ever.

None of our free educational comic books, graphic novel teaching guides, or other resources would be possible without your support.  

2022 Highlights


Pop Culture Classroom worked with 29 different local schools, libraries, and community centers on more than 200 hours of student engagement. Most of these workshops took place at Title 1 schools, which allow us to serve under-resourced communities.


We reached over 1,000 students through these workshops that covered storytelling through comics, world-building through sci-fi and fantasy, careers in pop culture, and more!


Pop Culture Classroom produced 9 new issues of our Colorful History comic series. Some of our favorites (let’s be real, they are all our favorites) cover the history of Cesar Chavez, climate change, and Dungeons & Dragons! This year, we also produced 3 new Graphic Novel Teaching Guides to support teaching The History of Science Fiction, Ghosts of Science Past, and Young Agatha Christie.


Over three days, 3,500 kids and family members immersed themselves in pop culture at our special Kids’ Lab and All Ages Stage and fall PopUP Denver event! Pop Culture Classroom collaborated with 14 diverse community partners to provide enriching activities for you and your family.


Our FREE educational resources were downloaded more than 5,000 times this year! This includes our graphic novels, teaching guides and full curricular units. We are so proud of this work and our continued ability to keep these resources free and accessible to all.

1 – You!

As much as we’ve accomplished, we know that there is much more to do to engage, inspire, educate, and connect students through the pop culture they love. You can help with your year-end tax-deductible donation.

Caring people like you — people who know the power of literacy, learning, and creative self-expression — are so vital to our work. Our free educational comic books, history-focused graphic novels or other resources, local workshops, and community events would not be possible without the support of people like you. 

Together, we will continue to champion learning, creativity, and diverse, inclusive, and engaged communities.