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Storytelling Through Comics

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Storytelling Through Comics (STC) is a standards-based curriculum that explores age-appropriate comic literature to ignite a love of learning and increase literacy by using pop culture as an educational tool. In addition to promoting literacy and art skills, STC helps students acquire problem-solving abilities and build stronger in-class communities with their peers and teachers.

By focusing on complex topics and character development, the curriculum encourages students to tackle real-world problems happening in their own lives and local communities. After discussing how art and words work together to tell a story, students are then given the chance to create comics of their own.

Featuring a wide variety of unique, highly versatile drawing and literacy lessons, STC is perfect for students and educators of any artistic skill level and can be used in subject areas ranging from history to math to English—plus many more. It has been taught to thousands of students in schools, after-school programs, summer programs, and public libraries throughout the Front Range and beyond.

What’s Included?

The curriculum includes a diverse collection of reading materials, instructional videos, interactive activities, and arts-based handouts designed to help students investigate storytelling and the creation of stories—both individually and in groups.

We also support STC teachers by providing the following additional curricular resources:

  • Comprehensive class assessments & rubrics
  • Three weeks’ worth of comic-specific literacy and art lessons.
  • A digital copy of the full-color, 27-page comic book “PrinceLess” by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin
  • A video library of 36 necessary art lessons with instruction from professional comic artists (perfect for educators new to comics!).

These resources are designed to ensure that everyone in the class, from pop culture fanatics to first-time comic readers, is able to engage in the curriculum and find new ways to express themselves.

Designed for Grades 4-9