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Colorful History #82 – The World of A.I.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? How realistic are today’s media depictions of A.I.? And how can A.I. be used in the present and the future? Students can investigate the answers to these and other timely questions, with “The World of A.I.” Colorful History comic and teaching guide.

In Colorful History #82: “The World of A.I.,” students can learn the history of Artificial Intelligence and its many different uses and potential perils.

Readers will learn about past inventions that paved the way for modern computing, and they’ll learn the difference between programs, code, and A.I. Students will also explore how modern A.I. uses the internet to generate images and answer questions.

Using the project ideas in this teaching guide, students see and use A.I. tools themselves, thinking critically about the best and most ethical uses of this developing technology.

Estimated Lexile Levels:

  • Comic: 810 – 1000
  • Endnotes: 810 – 1010

Projects and discussion questions are aligned to Common Core standards for grades 4-6. 

  • Story, Art, and Lettering by Lonnie MF Allen

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