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Colorful History #68: What is Climate Change?

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Learn about climate change and the environment in this easy-to-understand, free comic and teaching guide from Pop Culture Classroom.

“What is Climate Change?” explains the concept of climate change in a way that is approachable for grades 3-5. It details how climate change is already reshaping our lives — and what other impacts could be on the horizon. It also reassures students that we can all make a difference when it comes to slowing climate change’s most dangerous effects.

What is Climate Change? helps students learn about:

• The Difference Between Weather and Climate
• How Climate Change Affects Our Lives
• Climate Change Activism and Solutions

Each free download includes the 4-page comic (with process art and script) and a teaching guide with discussion questions, project ideas, and other classroom resources.

Estimated Lexile Level: 810 – 1000
Projects and discussion questions aligned to Common Core Standards for grades 3-5.

Story and Art by Lonnie Allen
Letting by R. Alan Brooks

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