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Colorful History #73: How Inflation Works

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This brand-new comic breaks down the issue of inflation into easy-to-understand concepts with relatable examples.

Alongside the comic’s protagonists Nate and Celeste, students will find out exactly why coffee – among other items – has gotten more expensive. In the process, they’ll learn about:

  • Supply and Demand,
  • Federal and Consumer Banks, and
  • Interest Rates

Students will also learn how each of these is being affected by unprecedented global factors and driving up prices. They can also use the comic and included resources to learn about historical examples of inflation and how they were addressed, creating a greater understanding of our current economic issues.</p?

Each download includes a helpful teaching guide with Common Core-aligned discussion questions, project ideas, and other educational resources to enhance learning.

Projects and discussion questions aligned to Common Core standards for grades 6-10.

Estimated Lexile Level: 610 – 800

Written by Shawn Gustafson
Illustrated by Cori Redford
Lettered by R. Alan Brooks.

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