Experience the Comics

Experience the Comics is a free full-day experience on Friday, June 30 at FAN EXPO Denver 2022 where middle and high school students have the opportunity to:

  • GAIN hands-on experience with a variety of pop culture media (e.g. comics, games, cosplay, etc)
  • LEARN about the diversity and depth of pop culture through a fun, dynamic educational experience
  • MEET professional creators
  • EXPLORE pop culture-focused career paths
  • EXPAND their creative skills
  • DISCOVER connections between their favorite fandoms and the real world


Experience the Comics Attendees can expect to begin their day with a welcome session, followed by specially curated panels to activate students’ creativity, curiosity, critical thinking skills, social/emotional skills, and career aspirations.

When not attending Experience the Comics panels, attendees are welcome to enjoy everything that FAN EXPO Denver has to offer, including other panel sessions, a vibrant fan community, and a diverse show floor!

Experience the Comics Application - 2023

Through Experience the Comics (Friday June 30, 2023), middle and high school students can to engage with and learn from leading pop culture creators and educators, including authors, comic creators, filmmakers, game developers, scientists, and more.


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Experience the Comics requires you to bring a minimum of one chaperone for every ten students.
Experience the Comics requires you to bring a minimum of one chaperone for every ten students.
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