Our Story


Pop Culture Classroom was founded in 2010 as Comic Book Classroom, a Colorado charitable organization focused on enhancing and improving student’s learning experience through the use of comic book media. At the same time, the founders of Comic Book Classroom also created the Denver Comic Con event. The original founders of Comic Book Classroom and Denver Comic Con are Charlie LaGreca, Frank Romero, David Vinson and Kevin Vinson.

Between 2010 and 2012, the original founders were joined by accomplished educators Illya Kowalchuk and Christina Angel, and experienced event organizers Michael Newman and Bruce Macintosh, who became an integral part of organizational development as the foundations of both Comic Book Classroom and Denver Comic Con educational programs were developed simultaneously.

The Classroom program debuted the first version of its Storytelling Through Comics curriculum to local area schools, and with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and generous donations, Denver Comic Con became a reality on Father’s Day weekend, June 15, 2012. It was an unexpected and overwhelming success. The 2013 and 2014 Denver Comic Con’s built on that success.

Proceeds from Denver Comic Con fund the staffing, supplies and infrastructure of The Classroom program, which gives educators fresh, innovative materials and training that use the power of pop culture to bring their classroom to life. Their debut curriculum, Storytelling Through Comics, is a graphic literature creation program that is offered to schools, teachers and community organizations. Game On! is a play-based curriculum where students learn about and develop their own board games based on a topic of the teacher’s choosing. The Literacy Education in Adult Detention (LEAD) With Comics program is for incarcerated adults, helping to improve their literacy and art skills using comics and graphic novels. And Colorful History is a free, bi-weekly comic about diverse characters and events from Colorado’s history that comes  with a teacher guide. 

In 2014, the Comic Book Classroom Board of Directors voted to change the name to Pop Culture Classroom (PCC). The name change reflects the board’s broader vision for the organization. In addition to expanding the reach of our current curriculum and offerings, PCC seeks to use other elements of pop culture to advance our mission of literacy education and to spark the creative spirit within every child.