Colorful History

Pop Culture Classroom has created a FREE, bi-weekly comic strip called Colorful History, with the goal of educating students about significant and diverse characters and events from Colorado’s history.

Students will have the opportunity to zoom through the cosmos with Scott Carpenter, relive the Titanic tragedy through the eyes of Molly Brown, ride to Washington D.C. with Madeleine Albright, celebrate victory with John Elway, and learn so much more about the “colorful” state of Colorado and beyond. Each comic is accompanied by a teacher’s guide.


Learn about Clara Brown, and how she helped freed slaves start a new life in Denver.

Learn about Enos Mills, the father of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Find out the history of the Howelsen Hill Ski Area, the oldest continuously operated ski area in the country.

Read about Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jack Dempsey.

Learn about Madeleine Albright, one of the most influential diplomats in U.S. history.

Learn about Elizabeth Ensley, who launched one of the most successful campaigns for women’s rights in U.S. history.

Discover the history of Cheesman Park as a sacred burial site, cemetery and eventually the bustling and beautiful park we know today.

Learn about Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales’ message of unity and pride that united a generation and ignited a movement.

Relive the Titanic tragedy though the eyes of Margaret “Molly” Brown.

Zoom through the cosmos with Colorado native Scott Carpenter as he completes one of the first manned missions in space.