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Find out how you can help inspire, educate, and connect kids and teens in Colorado and across the U.S. using the tools of creative self-expression and comics, gaming, and other popular culture.  

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Programs to Inspire, Educate, and Connect

Pop Culture Classroom works directly with students and offer tools to help teachers, librarians, and other educators incorporate pop culture in their classrooms. We also host community events with one-of-a-kind opportunities for kids, teens, fans, and families to learn, create, and connect.

Our team of professional educators and artists offers:  

Storytelling Through Comics

Educational Resources

Free comics and other educational resources for students and educators,

Workshops in Schools and the Community

Arts and pop culture workshops in local schools, libraries, and community centers, and 

Discovering science with the Colorado School of Mines and Pop Culture Classroom. Discovering science with the Colorodo School of Mines and Pop Culture Classroom

Family-Friendly Events for the Whole Community

Family-friendly opportunities to learn and create memories at FAN EXPO Denver, and other events in the community.

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