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Colorful History #76: The Harlem Renaissance

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Celebrate Black History with a FREE Harlem Renaissance Comic!

Story and Lettering by R. Alan Brooks
Art by Marcus Kwame Anderson

Estimated Lexile Levels:

  • Comic: 810 – 1000
  • Endnotes: 1210 – 1400

Projects and discussion questions are aligned to Common Core standards for grades 9-12.

Explore the story of the Harlem Renaissance and meet some of the Black writers, artists, and other creators whose work sparked a cultural revolution.

This comic and teaching guide look at the history and social factors leading up to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s and introduces readers to prominent figures such as W.E.B. Dubois, the poets Langston Hughes, Claude MacKay, and Gwendolyn Bennett,  the painter Aaron Douglas, the photographer James Van Der Zee, and others whose work featured prominently in the Harlem Renaissance.

The Harlem Renaissance  includes a 4-page comic, endnotes, discussion questions, media pairings, and classroom projects. In the classroom and other educational settings, this 4-page comic and accompanying teaching guide can promote the teaching or reinforcement of History/Social Studies, and Reading: Informational Text Common Core standards, as well as various Reading, Writing, Language, and Speaking & Listening Common Core standards.

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